I Heart Dunbar

An exercise in bolstering disaster preparedness through neighbourhood pride and connectedness.




APPL 5230: Social Planning & Community Development


  • Kathryn Nairne

City of Vancouver:

  • Katie McPherson | Resilience

Student Team:

  • Anke Hurt
  • Lex Dominiak
  • Sean Montgomery
  • Felipe Rosado Lima
  • Alec Young


  • Healthy City Strategy
  • Resilient Cities
  • Emergency Management


Supporting the development of connected communities is one of the most important measures in preparing for and reducing the effects of disasters. Neighbourhoods where individuals know their neighbours and have pride in their community will take better care of each other and ultimately be more resilient in emergency situations.

To bridge the disconnect that many community members feel exist in their neighbourhoods, the Dunbar Team has developed a simple community asset map, along with the “I Heart Dunbar” brand. These tools are intended to circumvent language barriers, ageism, community disconnectedness, and more importantly, to foster community pride, awareness, stewardship, and understanding of Dunbar’s assets – especially in the event of a disaster.

The asset map will be available on T-shirts and other apparel, as well as reusable grocery bags which are to be distributed through neighbourhood retailers and at community events. Both options will promote an individual’s support and care for their community, as well as act as a tool for spreading awareness for disaster preparedness. Furthermore, it is our hope that the bags and T-shirts will act as a conversation starter among community members that may not have interacted otherwise.

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