Guided Mindfulness Walk

Tower Beach Trail

Guided Mindfulness Walk

Increasing awareness about the benefits of natural settings for mental well-being.




Urban Forestry


UFOR 200: Urban Forests and Wellbeing


  • Sara Barron
  • Matilda van den Bosch

City of Vancouver:

  • Dana McDonald | Park Board

Student Team:

  • Claire Hicks


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)
  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Access to Nature
  • Environments to Thrive In


This project has been designed as a resource for students at UBC to lower stress and anxiety while promoting health and well-being. The aim is to create a set of strategically placed signs that guide the user on a mindfulness walk. It builds off another project by students in the SEED program. They originally came up with five different 30-45 minute walks that can be done around campus. This project identified ideal stops on the route where signs could be placed.