GreenLib: Discover, Learn and Be Inspired by Vancouver’s Urban Ecology

GreenLib is a virtual library and community concept committed to educating and inspiring the residents of Vancouver, especially the younger generation, about urban ecology. The vision is to cultivate a deep appreciation for biodiversity and the shared responsibility we hold in nurturing a flourishing environment for all species—humans, plants, and animals alike.




Humanities and Social Sciences


Environmental Problems and Solutions (ENVS 2100)


  • Drew Egan
  • Mike Smith-Cairns

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Mark Nguyen
  • Jonry Ephraim Isla
  • Stasy Kravchenko


*HUBBUB 21 Winner: Most Responsive 

The City of Vancouver (CoV) has prominently featured the colors blue and green in its visual identity, yet it hasn’t introduced a comprehensive brand or messaging style to enlighten and inspire the public about its flourishing urban ecology. Recognizing this gap, the city has expressed the necessity for developing a brand kit and collaterals aimed at educating, communicating, and inspiring the public about Vancouver’s urban environment.

In response to this call, the team developed a comprehensive brand kit titled ‘Vancouver Green,’ designed to establish a visual communication strategy for the city. They also developed the core brand messaging platform ‘GreenLib,’ a virtual library and community hub dedicated to enhancing public awareness, understanding of the diverse urban ecosystem, and fostering connections among all life forms – humans, animals, and plants. This initiative envisions a collaborative effort to nurture nature for the city.

The website concept for this project specifically targets Generation Z, a digitally engaged demographic open to educational content. Studies have revealed that Generation Z is attracted to high-quality content, authenticity, and consistency. In alignment with these findings, our project aims to embody these qualities while remaining true to its commitment to strengthening the goals for urban ecology outlined in the Vancouver 2050 Plan.

The Vancouver 2050 Plan has outlined precise steps toward ecological goals, and our project aligns with Direction 4.4, focusing on the “creation and consolidation of spaces for education and conservation within and around natural environments.” This involves establishing programs, cultivating partnerships, and initiating educational efforts to deepen public understanding of the natural world. While we leverage a digital platform for educational experiences, our project addresses the crucial need for educational initiatives outlined in the plan.



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