Green Revitalization in Vancouver’s Chinatown

This project aims to highlight the sensitive balance between urban greening and green gentrification in vulnerable cultural neighbourhoods and to showcase how interventions can be chosen based on cultural and community suitability.




Urban Forestry


UFOR 401


  • Andrew Almas
  • Angela Rout
  • Melissa McHale

City of Vancouver:

  • Don Morrison

Student Team:

  • Fumika Noguchi
  • Erin Liang
  • Jack Robertson
  • Lynne Kim
  • Wendi Zhang
  • Border Yin


  • VanPlay


Vancouver’s Chinatown is an important and historic cultural enclave within the city. The current Chinatown population accounts for some of the lowest median household income levels in Vancouver. In combination with the absence of green spaces, Chinatown residents are more susceptible to climate change impacts, with fewer tools to combat this issue.

The City of Vancouver has developed a Chinatown specific revitalization strategy, but does not account for the importance of urban forestry as an asset and tool to improve socio-environmental conditions. Additionally, urban greening was absent from numerous other Chinatown reports, strategies, and municipal policies. The purpose of our project is to address this gap and the threat of green gentrification, thereby ensuring cultural integrity for Vancouver’s Chinatown, which necessitates specialized greening strategies for each cultural neighbourhood. Chinatown’s green revitalization would improve ecosystem services and facilitate more welcoming public spaces. Therefore, we address this gap in municipal and community planning with thoroughly researched solutions for socially sustainable greening.

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