Green Guardians

The Green Guardians campaign is an exciting initiative inviting school-aged youth, their parents and teachers, and elderly to become stewards of our environment. Through hands-on learning, Green Guardians have the opportunity to explore ecosystems, plants, and water conservation, fostering a deeper connection with nature. The campaign aims to raise awareness about Green Rainwater Infrastructure and rain city strategies.






Integrated Marketing Communications (MARK 2400)


  • Frederica Jensen

City of Vancouver:

  • Madeleine Wilson

Student Team:

  • Rinrada Tanratanakorn
  • Pauline Wee
  • Mary Juris Noelle Longboan
  • Zoey Le
  • Natthinee Udomsilp
  • Princess Chan


Fall 2023


*HUBBUB 21 Winners Most Creative and Most Inspiring Project

The Green Guardians is an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaign that aims to answer the question: how do we recruit volunteers to steward Green Rainwater Infrastructure (GRI)?

GRI is an approach to rainwater management that falls under the Rain City Strategy of the City of Vancouver. The Rain City Strategy is a GRI and management initiative that works on cleaning rainwater before it gets absorbs back to the soil and/or released into other bodies of water. The implementation of GRI contributes to the city’s efforts in addressing climate emergency, mitigation of flooding, reduction of drinking water use, and more. Unfortunately, not many people know about GRI.

An Integrated Marketing campaign is a marketing strategy that involves the use of different elements or channels, such as Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, and Internet/Social Media, to convey a cohesive message to the target market. Planning, research, and a combination of the right IMC elements can successfully deliver a consistent message that can help a brand achieve its marketing goals and improve brand awareness and equity. By implementing an IMC campaign for Green Rainwater Infrastructures, we spread awareness and educate the public about its benefits. On top of that, we also get various members of communities around Vancouver to work together in different activities and projects that make them part of the solution to problems our city is trying to address.


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