Empowering creative freelancers to find work and build relationships using an online job platform.




Semester in Dialogue / Business / RADIUS


Civic Innovation Change Lab


  • Jeremy Stone
  • Tara Mahoney

Student Team:

  • Adam Rossi
  • Maya Schofield
  • Tawanda Masawi
  • Queenie Tran


  • Healthy City Strategy


22 percent of Canada’s workforce participates in what has been termed the ‘contract economy’. Despite having a name, what the contract economy is, and what its implications will be for the future of work remains elusive. Because of this lag in understanding, many ‘gig’ workers (short term contract workers) are building their careers within a grey area. What are their access to benefits? How do they get paid? How do gig workers find jobs, and how do they become their own business?

GigCity is a social enterprise. It’s a platform that empowers creative contract workers to learn these skills by providing a user friendly job board with features such as a video resume, a self-filling job portfolio that keeps track of all your past and current contracts, and a mentorship program that allows experienced gig workers to mentor newcomers either for free, or for a fee. We believe that in order for workers in this growing economy to be successful, they need to be respected. And respect can simply come from giving people a platform that makes their lives easier. We want to set the precedent of how we value the workers of this growing economy by championing equitable hiring practices and access to resources. If the present generation pursues this goal, the future of work doesn’t need to be “brave”.

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