GI Smart

GI Smart is an app to help educate Vancouverites about Green Infrastructure sites throughout the city and engage them in volunteer activities through GI information, an interactive GI map, a reporting system for problems with GI sites, and a volunteer system for locals to help maintain GI sites.




School of Interactive Arts and Technology


IAT 359


  • Helmine Serban
  • Vahid Zahednejad (TA)

City of Vancouver:

  • Eva Li

Student Team:

  • Quince Bielka
  • Eric Joseph Lee
  • Sachin Raturi


  • Rain City Strategy


Fall 2020


Our project looks to create an interactive application that teaches people about the Green Infrastructure (GI) in Vancouver from rubber sidewalks to bio-retention filters. The application would function with: a page about general information on Green Infrastructure; an interactive map with popups about the GIs in their area, a reporting system for flooded or damaged GIs, and a how to get involved help page.

Most people are not aware that there are Green Infrastructure sites placed all across the City of Vancouver. This Info section will answer all the questions they might have regarding GIs. The information section explains what are GIs and their purpose, along with other knowledgeable resources.

The app would have an interactive map displaying the location of all the GIs for the user to see. This interactive map increases the presence of GIs for the user, as shown on a live map. There is also the nearest GI location feature as well as shake to get random GI location. Furthermore, once a user clicks on the GI, the application displays information for that particular site.

A good GI smart application needs a reporting system in case a GI site needs maintenance or repair. In our application, we implemented a reporting system that allows users to upload a picture, describe the problem, and tag the specific GI site that needs repairing or maintenance. The application then composes an email report. Furthermore, we plan to implement an AI feature that will detect images that are abusive in nature.

There will also be people who want to get involved but might not know how or what they want to be involved with. Our app has an easy way for them to reach out and start a conversation about their involvement.

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