Filipinx Engagement

This project explores the barriers & tools for engaging the Filipinx community on Green Rainwater Infrastructure in Vancouver.




School of Resource and Environmental Management


REM 602


  • Andreanne Doyon

City of Vancouver:

  • Julie McManus
  • Yette Gram

Student Team:

  • Elaine McAloney


  • Rain City Strategy


This project looked at identifying barriers and tools for engaging this hard to reach community. As a second generation Filipinx person who grew up in Vancouver, I drew from my experience, my family’s experience through interviews, guidance from a Filipinx Academic, as well as local Media. It is important to note is that these findings do not represent the entire diversity of the Filipinx community.

Why is the identification of barriers and culturally appropriate engagement tools important? It is important because the Filipinx community makes up 6% of Vancouver’s population, but are broadly dispersed, and thus engagement process has overlooked this community and has led to conflict around the Joyce Rezoning Application.

The results of my interviews and research have been summarized into a report that the One Water Department can reference. This report includes: a list of identified barriers: feedback on accessible language for technical GRI projects, my family’s engagement method preferences, and a Google Earth map of locations Filipinx community members may frequent.

I hope that this community profile can be refined in the future to capture the diversity of the Filipinx community and their engagement needs.

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