False Creek Tomorrow: An Accessible & Affordable Waterfront

This project aims to achieve a water-centric, highly liveable urban density in False Creek South by bringing the water to the people and the people to the water. We propose to revitalize the area through an inclined elevator, improved pedestrian pathways, and new affordable mid-density housing that utilizes underused land in the parking lot areas.




City-Making: A Global Perspective (PLAN 211)


  • Su-Jan Yeo

City of Vancouver:

  • Cory Dobson

Student Team:

  • Anusheh Ayyaz
  • Caspar Simpkinson
  • Edmund Chung
  • Vaibhav Grover


Fall 2022




It was Jane Jacobs who said “[t]here is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans.” This is what we hope to do: to rework the area of False Creek South to meet the needs of the people of the area, be it families visiting the waterfront or the residents who have lived there for decades.

Currently, False Creek South faces issues of secure and affordable housing alongside indirect and difficult access to the waterfront. Our challenge was to devise a solution for these issues: to create a water-centric, highly liveable urban density.

Thus, we propose “False Creek Tomorrow”; a project that brings people to the water via an inclined elevator and improved pathways from transit, and brings water to the people in the form of affordable water-centric mid-density housing on the under-utilized area around the Skytrain station.

The inclined elevator and improved pathways will make the commute from bus stops or the Skytrain station more pleasant and accessible for all groups and ages. We propose improving pathways by constructing nature-centred pathways, such as the land bridge that separates pedestrians from the busy and dangerous roads. Furthermore, introducing parklets on sidewalks provides sitting and interactive areas alongside a sense of place through community building. Moreover, the attention brought to businesses creates an increase in demand.

Additionally, we seek to rework the area around the Olympic Village Station, transforming it into affordable mid-density housing that incorporates water into the design of the area. We hope that this water-centric design can not only be implemented in a reworking of the area around the Skytrain Station, but can be utilized in the reconstruction of any outdated buildings in False Creek South.

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