False Creek Herring

Formal data collection and best management practices for increasing herring spawning in False Creek.




Earth and Ocean Science


ENVR 400


  • Michael Lipsen
  • Tara Ivanochko

City of Vancouver:

  • Angela Danyluk

Student Team:

  • Lal Deniz Basok
  • Chunchen Ji
  • Meg Lovett
  • Carey Yan


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Access to Nature


Spring 2019


Throughout our project we worked with the Squamish Streamkeepers to provide CityStudio with formal data collection that was lacking from the Squamish Streamkeepers methods and best management practices for increasing herring spawning in False Creek; supported by an extensive literature review contained in this project.

The work of the Squamish Streamkeepers in promoting herring spawning in False Creek aligns with CityStudio and the City of Vancouver’s interest in restoring the ecosystem in False Creek, especially with future development plans in the area. Increasing herring populations to False Creek will be a starting point of future conservation plans such as restoring the intertidal biodiversity and native bird populations around this urban zone – ultimately assisting the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action plan’s goal to increase access to nature in the city.

This project has significant opportunities for collaboration through citizen science. These collaborations will evoke curiosity and enthusiasm in locals to become involved in the creation of a healthy False Creek urban ecosystem.

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