Embrace Your Space

Embrace Your Space aims to revitalize existing public outdoor spaces in Vancouver to improve sociability as our city densifies. This project analyzes three locations across Vancouver in which we have come up with recommendations to improve sociability. 




Applied Environmental Studies: CityStudio (ENVS 2100)


  • Drew Egan
  • Mike Smith-Cairns

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Emma Rayner
  • Hazel Park
  • Jenny Yi
  • Kristian Trevena
  • Alejandra Soto


Fall 2022


Vancouver is in the process toward urban densification and with this the need for amenities that support public life is increasing. As we continue to “build up” within the city and people move towards settling in urban and higher-density areas, cities are faced with the challenge of finding ways to ensure that residents feel connected despite living apart. By observing and analyzing the way we use public spaces in our city, we will be able to continue to build upward while improving the city’s sense of community. We hope to enable Vancouverites to feel empowered about socializing in Vancouver’s revitalized outdoor spaces. To achieve this, we have researched different neighbourhoods in Vancouver, looking into what they are doing well and what they can improve on regarding sociability. For this project, we have analyzed three spaces in three different neighbourhoods and propose various improvements and activities to make these spaces more social. These are prototype projects that could be adjusted with resident feedback, can be scalable to other similar spaces within the city, and are based on research via census data and comparisons with other cities to achieve what we think is most needed in each neighbourhood. To do this, we are consulting with policy plans from the City of Vancouver, such as The Vancouver Plan, Spaces to Thrive: Vancouver Social Infrastructure Strategy (2021), VanPlay Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2020), and the City of Vancouver’s report Living up or Living Apart: Addressing the Social Consequence of High-Rise Living.


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