A proposed multi-storey multi-function community complex surrounded by mid-density housing to upgrade the existing public tennis courts on the corner by W 6th Ave. and Cambie St. in the False Creek South neighbourhood. The complex and surrounding housing would spread the unique character of False Creek to an under-utilized area of the neighbourhood.




City-Making: A Global Perspective (PLAN 211)


  • Su-Jan Yeo

City of Vancouver:

  • Cory Dobson

Student Team:

  • John Matheson
  • Misky Abdirahman
  • Jerry Wong
  • Edward Gillis
  • Sean Garvey


Fall 2022




The False Creek South Area provides some of the most vibrant living in all of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver owns and leases much of the land in this area; however, the leases are set to expire in the next 25 years. With so much public land to work with, the False Creek South Area provides a unique planning opportunity as the city seeks to densify the neighbourhood without compromising its character.

The presence of courtyards in the centre of many of the apartments; immediate access to parks, the waterfront, and civil services; and the mix of low-, middle-, and upper-income mid-rise housing are all character-defining aspects of False Creek South, which we would love to uphold.

Through our analysis, we found that there is a lack of community facilities in the sub-neighbourhood near the Olympic Village Skytrain Station. The closest community center is a 15-to-25-minute walk. Additionally, this area is ripe for high-density housing developments around the Skytrain Station which would put further strain on the services in the area.

We are proposing the construction of a new community complex that provides accessible facilities for all current and future members of the community to enjoy the quality and vibrant living. The complex will be surrounded by mid-rise housing that is similar in character to the rest of false creek.

Our Vision is to accommodate the recreational and civil needs of the existing and future population by creating a community complex near the Olympic Village Skytrain Station that will replace the existing False Creek Public Tennis Club and surrounding lots. We propose to redevelop the area to become a multi-level, multi-functional hub. The community center will include child and elderly care centers, an indoor recreational space with fitness facilities, which will include dancing halls, indoor tennis courts, an ice rink, and a rooftop playground and gardens.

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