Reducing bike theft one cyclist at a time.


Langara College


Humanities and Social Sciences


ENVS 2100


  • Mike Smith-Cairns
  • Drew Egan

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt
  • Angela Danyluk

Student Team:

  • Raseel Dalgamouni
  • Sadie Russell
  • Aidan Lee
  • Sofia Tuliao


  • Greenest City Action Plan


Fall Semester 2019


CycLLIST is a five-point checklist and campaign that focuses on strengthening bike-locking techniques and increasing registration in Garage 529. This initiative, started by the Vancouver Police Department, is a registration program aimed at reducing theft and returning stolen bikes. CycLLIST has 5 points that are easy to follow and remember. These points tackle a variety of aspects that provides more secure locking and make opportunity-motivated bike theft harder to execute. The tenements are: lock choice, location awareness, sense of time, identification, and tire, frame & rack. Through the trial of our pilot project at Eric Hamber Secondary School, CycLLIST has shown to be a potential way to educate high school students on proper anti-theft techniques for bicycles. We believe CycLLIST has the potential to grow into a much larger program, spreading to schools all across Vancouver and beyond. As the program becomes more well known, students will likely become more receptive to it, increasing its effectiveness.

CycLLIST furthers the effort of the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan by addressing barriers faced by commuters when choosing green transportation alternatives. Bike theft in Vancouver is a widespread issue with its impact being felt by residents across social demographics. By addressing the safety concerns, current and potential cyclists have in regards to theft, more individuals may be inclined to use their bikes on a regular basis. Increasing the number of non-car trips to 50% of all commutes taken is a specific target of the Greenest City Action Plan. Our project also aligns with the targets of the Healthy City Strategy which aims to have reliable, safe modes of active transportation available to all. The goal of CycLLIST is to empower people and re-instill a sense of control, and security, in their green transportation choices. It also connects to the BC Active Transportation strategy being developed, which has measures that support programs like ours, educational-based, promoting cycling as a primary means of transportation. 


Next Steps

The next step of this project is to reach out to more high schools and begin a collaboration between them and Garage 529. If the Vancouver School Board were to adopt the program, access to class time would be easier to obtain. We believe the project can successfully be carried on through Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) or pre-existing school bike clubs. Members of our group will be attending Eric Hamber’s monthly bike club meeting (Dec. 6, 2019) to present our report and pass along our materials so they can continue with it if they so choose. Our hope is that CycLLIST will be carried on and encourage high schools to participate in Garage 529.

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