Climate Influx





Beedie School of Business




  • Timothy Ames
  • Alia Sunderji
  • Tara Mahoney

City of Vancouver:

  • Brad Badelt

Student Team:

  • Priscilla Lam
  • My Le
  • Sicellia Tsui


  • Resilient Vancouver

Community Partners:

  • Krista Loewen | Vancity


Spring 2020


Globally, climate change is displacing people from their homes. This is known as climate migration. Vancouver is one of Canada’s top three cities for immigrants and refugees. The effects of climate change globally may cause Vancouver’s immigration rate to increase in the coming years.

Our project will feature an interactive art installation that is placed in public spaces with high foot traffic around Metro Vancouver. It is shaped like a butterfly (a common symbol for peaceful migration) with artwork on its wings. In the middle of the body is a touchscreen that provides interesting climate migration stories from around the world. The public installation is meant to spark curiosity, raise awareness about the issue, and encourage people to visit our website.

The website contains powerful images and messages that inspire users to learn more about the issue. The website allows users to access information on climate migration, stories about climate migration globally and its impact on Metro Vancouver. Users can learn what is being done in Metro Vancouver and how each individual can help and understand the importance of their actions.

Our research shows that in Metro Vancouver, individuals are not aware of and community organizations do not have the capacity to plan for this increased immigration due to climate change. Currently, there are no Vancouver-based organizations aimed at increasing public awareness about the issue of climate migration. By not addressing this issue, Vancouver’s infrastructure (housing, economy, healthcare, social cohesion, etc) will not be able to adequately serve current and incoming residents. This project is also needed because justice and equity is a big part of the climate migration issue. Since Canada is a top contributor to global emissions, our project hopes to show Vancouverites how our actions can affect other people around the world.

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