Clean Cooking with Electricity

Burning gas for cooking is not only a threat to climate action but also to human health, as these appliances are sources of indoor air pollution. Clean Cooking with Electricity encompasses a public census, marketing campaign, and infographic recommendations to provide an evaluation based on equity, diversity, and inclusion to encourage Vancouverites to make the switch to induction stoves.




LFS 350


  • Will Valley
  • Stephanie Lim

City of Vancouver:

  • Brady Faught

Student Team:

  • Justin Angsana
  • Shaila Chainrai
  • Sup Kim
  • Katherine Ma
  • Jason Pang
  • Justin Wu


  • Climate Emergency Action Plan


Clean Cooking with Electricity is a project collaboration with Brady Faught, Green Buildings Engineer from the City of Vancouver’s Sustainability Department, Emily Gorham, Project Coordinator from CityStudio Vancouver, and the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Clean Cooking with Electricity justifies the transition from gas to induction cooking through public education of members of the Vancouver Community. To ensure the safety and sustainability of local communities, induction cooking is a promising alternative to burning fossil fuels through gas cooking. Evaluating the long-term goals of the City of Vancouver, reducing air pollutant emissions will support the decrease in global climate temperature, which is a crucial factor in further developing a sustainable food system. Utilizing education to share the benefits of using an induction stove, we hope to inspire residential homes to switch from gas stoves to induction stoves and break negative misconceptions about the transition to induction.

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