Buddy Up!

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Buddy Up!

A community board designed to share skills and interests for a more collective Vancouver.




Centre for Dialogue


SFU Semester at CityStudio


  • Janet Moore
  • Adrian Sinclair
  • Lisa Novak

City of Vancouver:

  • Paul Kreuger | VIVA Vancouver

Student Team:

  • Iva Jankovic | UBC
  • Saadiyah Daud | SFU
  • Amy Han | SFU
  • Sarah Heim | SFU


  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Cultivating Connections



Buddy Up! is an analog exchange platform for skills, things, and interests which helps people to find buddies for learning and doing something new together. The project highlights the skills and resources that already exist within communities, builds connections between people and encourages a local sharing economy.

How it works:

1. Participants fill out a Buddy Card.
2. The Buddy Card is pinned up on the Buddy Board.
3. If a match is found, participants can contact their new Buddy!

Since it’s launch in November 2017 the Buddy Up! project has been building community boards across the city in offices, community centers, cafes, parks, and all sorts of other common spaces. They have been awarded a grant to build boards in the UBC area and co-founder Iva Jankovic was a featured speaker at TEDx UBC in March 2018.

Check out the team’s website and Facebook page.

Buddy Up!
Buddy Up!

What's Next

Buddy Boards have the opportunity to become integral parts of neighbourhood community centres as well as apartment buildings or offices to fulfill their purpose of connecting strangers with each other through skill- and object-sharing. The Buddy Up! Toolkit is now available and new Buddy Boards are being launched in Roundhouse Community Centre and Vancouver Coastal Health Healthy Built Environment Office.

Buddy Up! is always looking for new members to join the team to help design and build boards around Vancouver. Get in touch via the team’s website or Facebook page.

Download the toolkit here.