BIOPOLIS: The Card Game

An exciting card game centered around biodiversity and fun!




Semester in Dialogue: Outside in the City III


  • Laura Piersol
  • Mark Winston

Student Team:

  • Sydney Hara
  • Sam Zhao
  • John Aldrix Camino
  • Andreea Pervu
  • Alexandra Makhneva


  • Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP)

City goal area:

  • Biodiversity


We were tasked with tackling a Biodiversity issue in the Arbutus Corridor and when visiting the site, we had found that sections were taken over by different invasive species. Our goal was to create something for younger generations to understand and familiarize themselves with difference invasive and native species along the corridor. We created BIOPOLIS: the card game by characterizing invasive and native species we identified along the Arbutus Corridor so students could play the game and learn about them and then go outside and be able to identify them. Our game is centered in creating an environment where kids are able to have fun while learning about the environment around them.

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