BikeLab: Bike Repair Stations

Woodwards & Science World

BikeLab: Bike Repair Stations

Bringing bike repair stations to the streets of Vancouver.




Centre for Dialogue


SFU Semester at CityStudio


  • Duane Elverum
  • Janet Moore

City of Vancouver:

  • John Clelland | Active Transport

Student Team:

  • Kevin Chan | UBC
  • Emily Louie | SFU
  • Andrea Sanchez | SFU
  • Ryan Trasolini | UBC


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Green Transportation
  • Transportation 2040


BikeLab provided three key deliverables:

  • determined ten potential sites for bike repair stations in Vancouver
  • piloted bike repair stations at two of the potential sites (to be evaluated)
  • delivered a plan for the implementation of the remaining eight bike repair stations

Each bike repair station may be used without cost and includes basic tools for quick maintenance. Each pilot location used a different model of bike repair station: one from Urban Racks Company and one from Dero Bike Racks Company. The first station was installed at Science World near the “cycling corner” on April 6th 2013. The second station was installed at the 111 W Hastings entrance to Woodwards on April 10th 2013. Both stations will be maintained by volunteers of the Vancouver South Lions Club.

BikeLab: Bike Repair Stations
BikeLab: Bike Repair Stations

What happened next?

Due to the long timeline and the liability associated with installing the stations on City property, sites with publicly accessible private space were prioritized. In March 2013 the two pilot stations were installed including a three month trial at Science World and a twelve month trial outside Woodwards.