Air Patrol

A comic book that focuses on the adventures of a young boy and his friend on their quest to improve the indoor air quality of his house aided by alien parrots and a pair of magic glasses.




Faculty of Health Sciences


Senior Seminar in Environmental Health (HSCI 483)


  • Anne-Marie Nicols

City of Vancouver:

  • Brady Faught

Student Team:

  • Xiana Allison
  • Sheila Bibak
  • Prathami Dalvi
  • Gurveen Dhaliwal
  • Prem Gundarah
  • Gia Hayer
  • Nick Homeniuk
  • Bahavar Jahani bahnamiri
  • Malcolm Koh
  • Arba Muco
  • Ravneet Mundi
  • Sanaa Murtaza
  • Leysa Nguyen
  • Alexandra Selinger
  • Anamica Sidhu
  • Jazmin Zastera


  • Climate Emergency Action Plan


Spring 2023


Our project is a comic book about two young children on their journey to learn more about their indoor environments through the help of alien parrots, magical glasses and their older family members.

As a group, we are trying to improve the indoor air quality of Vancouver homes. This is because few people know about the air pollutants that they are constantly exposed to and these pollutants reach them at places such as their work, recreational environments and most importantly, their homes. Our project tries to mitigate this by exposing various audiences to different practices and efforts.

Our project seeks to solve this problem by using children as a communication medium between our material and their older family members. we hope these children will share what they hear with their parents and grandparents in hopes that this leads to better practices at home, such as opening windows, not using fireplaces, making sure their gas stoves are turned off and installing gas monitors.

We learned that it is quite challenging eliminating these barriers for many different types of people because these individuals are not necessarily in control of their environments such as strata, other financial obligations, building codes, and costs of appliances. We recommend that our program be put into places where the general population congregates, such as public libraries.

The second thing that we learned is that a lot of the barriers that homeowners face are financial and so we recommend that individuals who live in older buildings look into financial programs and rebates that encourage people to upgrade their appliances.


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