Achieving Zero Waste: Testing the slogan ‘Choose to Reuse’

Testing the effectiveness of the slogan “Choose to Reuse” at Killarney Community Centre.




Land and Food Systems


LFS 350


  • Will Valley

City of Vancouver:

  • Paul Gagnon

Student Team:

  • Alexis Young
  • Sayaka Kikuchi
  • Wessel Willemsen
  • Vlada Klymenko
  • Rong Xiao
  • Neda Keshtkar


  • Greenest City Action Plan

City goal area:

  • Zero Waste


Spring 2019


Our team sought to determine the effectiveness of an already existing slogan ‘Chose to Reuse’. We discovered that the slogan is beneficial for the ecological pillar of community food security, despite its lack of efficiency to reduce single-use coffee cups.

In doing so, we held a workshop in Killarney community center where we asked community members to participate in 3 interactive activities. Primarily we conducted a dotmocracy with the statement ‘ Vancouverites send 2.6 MILLION coffee cups to the landfill every week’. Participants were asked to scale themselves from 1 being ‘I did not know’ to 5 being ‘I know’ in association with the statement. Furthermore, participants were asked to place themselves within 5 categories ranging from ‘Never, I don’t have one’ to ‘Often!’ with regards to how often they used a reusable mug. Lastly, we asked participants to write down what “Chose to Reuse” means to them. We supplied visual aids with facts about single use cups and a poster of the ‘Chose to Reuse’ slogan to go with the activities. Three team members conducted mini workshops, discussing facts of single use cups versus reusable mugs whilst 2 team members wrote down observations. We determined the effectiveness of the slogan by analyzing the responses of the Killarney Community Center patrons and concluded that only half of the patrons there associated “Choose to Reuse” with using reusable items.

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