A Snapshot of Inclusivity

Looking at Public Space through the Lenses of Our Citizens.




Semester in Dialogue


Complexity of Health and Wellness

City of Vancouver:

  • Jordan Magtoto

Student Team:

  • Anna Hettiarachchi
  • Janine Pochurko
  • Andres Ibarra
  • Karin Mistlberger


  • Healthy City Strategy

City goal area:

  • Being and Feeling Safe and Included


Spring 2019


A Snapshot of Inclusivity is a student-led, citizen science project on inclusive public space.

We facilitated an interactive Gallery Walk showcasing photos of public spaces with annotated personal experiences as a way of to gather information to inform recommendations for improved equity and inclusivity in Vancouver public spaces.

We contacted over 40 underrepresented communities (through neighborhood houses, nonprofit organizations, and cultural societies) to invite people to participate in the initial stage of the project. These participants were asked to take photos of public spaces and give a brief description of why they felt comfortable or included in those spaces. These photos and experiences were the focal point and context for the Gallery Walk.  Visitors of the Gallery Walk were asked how they would feel in the public spaces that were photographed and displayed. We encouraged people to think about who public space is designed for and how we could make it more accessible to all.

The City of Vancouver has found that only one demographic feels comfortable using public spaces, such as parklets, plazas, streets, and sidewalks. To help combat this problem, we wanted to collect data on what makes people feel included or excluded in public spaces. From our data, we came up with common themes, and then generated several recommendations that could serve to increase public space inclusivity. Overall, we believe that our project will help the City of Vancouver in their endeavour to make public space more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

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