7 Symbols of Granville





Social Sciences


GSWS 204


  • Tiffany Muller-Myrdahl

City of Vancouver:

  • Thomas Daley
  • Belinda Chan
  • Selina Bull

Student Team:

  • Catherine Nguyen
  • Barbara Lam
  • Claire Coyle


  • Healthy City for All

City goal area:

  • Environments to Thrive In

Community Partners:

  • Stacey Forester | Good Night Out Vancouver


Spring 2020


Every city or area has unique events that occur within its streets. By observing Granville street during the day and night, we identified 7 symbols that are commonly seen. We collected data by taking photos and observing how individuals interact with Granville street at different times of the day. The 7 symbols chosen were: Transportation, Safety, Single Room Occupancy Buildings, Venues, Street Benches/Chairs/Resting areas, Lack of Sanitation, and Grab & Go Restaurants and Food. The commonality of the symbols chosen highlighted the transiency of Granville street. 

The aim of our project was making Granville street an inclusive and accessible area for all individuals. Our intentions were to create information for Vancouver city designers and planners so they can get a better idea of how Granville street can be improved so that all people can feel included in Vancouver’s main entertainment district. 

In addition, our project wanted to help shed light on the things that appear normal but symbolize subtle discriminatory aspects of Granville Street. By pointing out things that are obvious but often overlooked, we can get the public thinking more critically about public space.

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