529 Garage Short Films

Short films in support of the 529 Garage bike recovery service.




Media Arts


ANIM 326


  • Woonam Kim

City of Vancouver:

  • Rob Brunt | VPD
  • Lindsay Nicholson | VPD

Student Team:

  • Mikaela Browner
  • Luis Giuliani
  • Ness Xu
  • Lucas Chung
  • Sara Crivelli


  • Healthy City

City goal area:

  • Being and Feeling Safe and Included

Community Partners:

  • 529 Garage
  • 529 Garage is a community-powered bike recovery service. It's a not-profit-driven company that aims to reduce bike theft, promote cycling, and make cities and campuses more bike friendly.


September - December 2018


These short films were created in collaboration with the VPD and 529 Garage. The films are meant to help bikers in Vancouver (and even abroad) empathize with the need to keep their beloved bikes safe.

Each group created a short film with unique characters and touching stories, all based around the desire to educate those considering utilizing the 529 app to keep their bikes safe. Our project strives to aid in 529’s initiative to help remedy the issue of rampant bike theft within the city of Vancouver through citizen action and police collaboration. We have tackled the problems we were presented with through storytelling and by placing emphasis on prevention. Each student film tells a unique but complimentary story through the lens of narrative film which hopes to appeal to a wide audience of bike lovers in order to help get the 529 message across.

Watch all the videos below:


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