Miriam Esquitín

Director of Vancouver Program and Finance Manager

Miriam Esquitín is both the Director of CityStudio Vancouver and the Finance Manager of the organization.

As Director, Miriam takes a strategic commitment to developing, implementing and evaluating programming that truly advances the needs and priorities of our partners City of Vancouver, UBC, SFU, Langara College, and BCIT.  She is guided by the curiosity of the multiple ways of collaboration, learning, and innovation between our civic leaders and youth to address Vancouver’s pressing issues. She has had this role since summer 2020.

As Finance Manager, she takes care of the entire cycle of finances, from budgeting to controls, processing and reports, as well as policies and procedures.

Passionate about social change, she studied both her BA and MA in Social Anthropology and proceeded to work locally and internationally in education, sustainability, agriculture, economic development, and justice system reform. She has a thing for understanding, strategic relationships, evaluation, numbers and processes. She moved to Canada in 2003 from Mexico, first to live in Edmonton and in Vancouver since 2010.

As an immigrant, Miriam recognizes there are privileges she enjoys from a history of colonialism, more so working at the intersection of two settler power institutions, so individually and through her work she is committed to decolonization learning and transformation.

Miriam is also a dancer, an innovator in contemporary ensemble improvisation. With a great partner, she launched Polymer Dance in 2012, a community-based troupe that promotes dance for everybody and dance for everywhere.