Dr. Natasha Mrkic Subotic


Natasha’s diverse background brings over 25 years of combined local and international experience in marketing, strategic partnership development, and education. She has an MBA (OUBS, UK) and a Doctorate in Education, Educational Leadership (SFU, CA). Natasha works at Langara College as Intercultural Engagement Consultant and Faculty. She is passionate about social innovation and developing relationships that promote applied learning and a student/community-focused changemaker culture to solve real problems. Key components of her work include fostering intercultural engagement among faculty, staff, and students; supporting the work of decolonization, JEDI, and anti-racism; initiating and developing opportunities for global engagement and bridging differences between cultures and worldviews. Her desire is to disrupt the status quo and support academic innovation and applied learning through entrepreneurial community/industry collaborations and global virtual exchange. Natasha is an academic and scientific committee organizing member at the Athens Institute for Education and Research (Athens, GR) and her research interests include academic innovation, academic capitalism, career development, internationalization, leadership, and the corporatization and globalization of post-secondary education.