Alix Linaker

Business Development Lead

Alix is the Business Development Lead at CityStudio Global, where she works at the intersection of higher education, civic government, and social innovation to support meaningful collaboration between municipalities and their academic institutions.

Alix has several years of experience consulting for social-purpose organizations, as well as coordinating collective impact and network-based initiatives. Her deep curiosity about the intersection of social impact, business, education, and health led her to work at several post-secondaries in the social innovation space, as well as co-chair a volunteer chapter of Acumen, an impact investing non-profit. Most recently, she volunteers with the Social Innovation Academy running a peer support mental wellness program and as an advisor and mentor supporting youth in building skills for social impact careers.

A continuous learner, Alix has her Master of Global Business and Bachelor of Business Administration, as well as Kinesiology and Community Economic Development certificates.

When not working, Alix dabbles in photography and soy candle making. On the weekend she can be found hiking in the mountains with her dog.