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The founding academic partner of CityStudio Vancouver, Simon Fraser University has been a key supporter and funder since 2011. Their total participation as of summer 2019 is as follows:

Students: 2,771
Projects: 358
Faculty: 111
Courses: 95

The original studio course was – and still is – provided through SFU’s Semester in Dialogue. The Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio program is a term-long immersive experience that provides students with the opportunity to co-create experimental projects in interdisciplinary teams. The course welcomes students from any participating institution.

Civic Innovation Change Lab is another SFU studio course provided in collaboration with RADIUS, Beedie School of Business and Semester in Dialogue. It was first offered spring 2018 and has returned for the spring 2019 term.

Each term we also match projects with a number of SFU courses on the Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey campuses.

See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

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Current Courses


Civic Innovation Change Lab
Entrepreneurial interventions that contribute to resilient neighbourhoods.
Partners: RADIUS, Beedie School of Business, Semester in Dialogue
Instructors: Alia Sunderji, Timothy Ames, Tara Mahoney
City Leads: Brad Badelt and various other CoV staff
VanCity: Krista Loewen
City Strategy: Resilient Vancouver

HSCI 403 – Health and the Built Environment 
Observations and dialogues about public spaces to assess their inclusivity.
Instructor: Meghan Winters
City Lead: Belinda Chan
City Strategy: Healthy City for All

EVSC 400 – Capstone in Environmental Science
Develop a methodology that can be used to assess the ecological condition of Naturally Managed Areas (NMAs), and evaluate which NMAs are in poor, fair or healthy condition.
Instructor: Tara Holland
City Lead: Dana McDonald
City Strategy: Climate Plan

REM 381 – Building Sustainable Communities
Facilitating climate conversations with different groups around Vancouver and collect data that will contribute to the Greenest City Climate Emergency engagement phase.
Instructor: Andreanne Doyon
City Lead: Amanda Mitchell
City Strategy: Climate Plan

GSWS 204 – Sex and the City
Stories and perceptions of Granville St
Instructor: Tiffany Muller-Myrdahl
City Leads: Thomas Daley, Belinda Chan
City Strategy: Healthy City for All

PLCY 807 – Introduction to Policy Issues and Analysis II
Developing and applying an intersectional and race equity forward implementation assessment framework for the city’s Poverty Reduction Plan that is currently under development.
Instructor: Nancy Olewiler
City Lead: Colleen Hamilton
City Strategy: Healthy City for All

IAT 235 – Information Design
Vancouver Plan: Visualizing data collected through the Planning Vancouver Together engagement process.
Instructor: Andrew Hawryshkewich
City Leads: Stina Hanson, Cory Dobson
City Strategy: Vancouver Plan

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