Our Partner

The founding academic partner of CityStudio Vancouver, Simon Fraser University has been a key supporter and funder since 2011. Their total participation as of fall 2020 is as follows:

Students: 3,228
Projects: 483
Faculty: 138
Courses: 116

The original studio course was – and still is – provided through SFU’s Semester in Dialogue. The Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio program is a term-long immersive experience that provides students with the opportunity to co-create experimental projects in interdisciplinary teams. The course welcomes students from any participating institution.

Civic Innovation Change Lab is another SFU studio course provided in collaboration with RADIUS, Beedie School of Business and Semester in Dialogue. It was first offered spring 2018 and continues to be offered.

Each term we also match projects with a number of SFU courses on the Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey campuses.

See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

Featured School Projects
7 Symbols of Granville

7 Symbols of Granville

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Cultivate Inclusivity

Cultivate Inclusivity

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Current Courses


IAT 359 – Mobile Technology 
How the City might provide an interactive virtual version of their cycling map to assist cyclists in route planning and discovering new routes.
Instructors: Helmine Serban
City Leads: Ryan Hirakida, Angie Weddell
City Strategy: Transportation 2040

LBST/GEOG 328 – Labour Geographies
How can we help ensure a #JustRecovery that puts people first as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures we #BuildBackBetter?
Instructors: Kendra Strauss
City Leads: Yuri Artibise
City Strategy: Restart Smart

HSCI 495  – Applied Health Science Project
How can the City of Vancouver engage the artistic community in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery?
Instructors: Anne-Marie Nicol
City Leads: Gillian Wong 
City Strategy: Resilient Vancouver

EVSC 400 – Capstone in Environmental Science
What data might the City want to collect to support public buy in for the St George’s Rainway Project?
Instructors: Tara Holland
City Leads: Julie McManus
City Strategy: Rain City Strategy 

PLCY 807 – Introduction to Policy Issues and Analysis II
Implementing a recurring Open Streets program in the City of Vancouver.
Instructors: Nancy Olewiler, Kora DeBeck
City Leads: Tim Douglas, Laura Jane
City Strategy: Climate Emergency Plan

RADIUS – Civic Innovation Change Lab (Studio Course) 
Instructors: Tamara Connell, Timothy Ames
City Leads: Marga Pacis, Leslie Ng
City Strategy: Climate Emergency Plan

Directed Studies – School of Resource and Environmental Management
Equity and climate change planning. 
Instructors: Andreanne Doyon
City Leads: Marga Pacis
City Strategy: Climate Emergency Plan

HIST 371  – City Life
What is the role of public space for different ethnic/cultural groups? How can we program public spaces to be responsive to ethnic/cultural group needs and help increase representation and use of public spaces by these groups?
Instructors: Nicolas Kenny
City Leads: Christopher So
City Strategy: Healthy City Strategy, Culture | Shift

REM 664  – Graduate Directed Studies
How can green infrastructure (GI) play a larger role in our land use and infrastructure planning and decision-making in the City of Vancouver in order to build community resilience and equity?
Instructors: Andreanne Doyon
City Leads: Heidi Horlacher, Wendy de Hood
City Strategy: Rain City Strategy

Master of Ecological Restoration (BCIT/SFU)
Would the increase of mussel populations be a feasible approach to improving water quality in False Creek?
Instructors: Leah Bendell
City Leads: Dana McDonald, Angela Danyluk
City Strategy: VanPlay


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