Our Partner

Langara College is a key academic partner, supporter and funder. Their total participation in CityStudio as of summer 2019 is as follows:

Students: 587
Projects: 91
Faculty: 38
Courses: 30

Each term we match a growing number of projects with Langara courses. See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

Featured School Projects
I Heart Dunbar

I Heart Dunbar

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Mitigating Vancouver’s Urban Heat Island Effect

Mitigating Vancouver’s Urban Heat Island Effect

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Current Courses


GEOG 2275 – Applied Human Geography
Vancouver Plan: Reading landscapes and mapping emotion indicators such as joy, sadness, fear in a Vancouver neighbourhood.
Instructors: Colin Mills
City Lead: Stina Hanson
City Strategy: Vancouver Plan

MARK 2400 – Integrated Marketing and Communications
Marketing ideas to enhance the ‘Building the City We Love’ campaign.
Instructor: Frederica Jensen
City Leads: Jhenifer Pabillano, Krisztina Kassay
City Strategy: Healthy City for All

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