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The British Columbia Institute of Technology is a key academic partner, supporter and funder. Their total participation in CityStudio as of Spring 2022 is as follows:

Students: 1,558
Projects: 273
Faculty: 74
Courses: 46

Each term we match a growing number of projects with BCIT courses. See a list of current courses below or get in touch if you’d like CityStudio to work with your course.

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Online Training Platform

Online Training Platform

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Current Courses

Spring 2021

MKTG 4415 – Promotion Strategy
Marketing and Communications campaign for the St George Rainway project. 
Instructors: Danielle Wilson, Erin Whittle
City Leads: Julie McManus, Sarah Kristi Lone
City Strategy: Rain City Strategy 

OPMT 3341 – Process Improvement Project
Fire & Rescue Parts Warehouse Optimization.
Instructors: Jason Young
City Leads: Scott Russell
City Strategy: 2020 Corporate Plan

OPMT 3341 – Process Improvement Project
Landfill Parts Warehouse RFID Business Case. 
Instructors: Jason Young
City Leads: Scott Russell
City Strategy: 2020 Corporate Plan

OPMT 3341 – Business Consulting Project 
Testing out the feasibility and efficacy of the SAP Fiori app as a data management platform and providing recommendations to make it user friendly for Parks Board staff. 
Instructors: Jason Young
City Leads: Katherine Howard, Dean McIntosh
City Strategy: VanPlay

ACIT 3900 & 4900 – Industry Sponsored Student Project
Automating data collection for benchmarking to support informed decision making and resource allocation of the Corporate Plan 2020 goals 
Instructors: Jeremy Holman, Michal Aibin, Neda Changizi, 
City Leads: Connie McGinty, Stephanie Petsinis, Tadhg Healy, Ada Lam, Rene Cravioto
City Strategy: Corporate Plan 2020

Master of Ecological Restoration (BCIT/SFU)
Would the increase of mussel populations be a feasible approach to improving water quality in False Creek?
Instructors: Leah Bendell
City Leads: Dana McDonald, Angela Danyluk
City Strategy: VanPlay


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