Request for Proposals: Product Development Manager and Service Designer

We are a charity that facilitates collaboration between municipal governments and post-secondaries through a partnership framework. Our B2B product is a process that consists of convening, training, tools, and network membership.


What is our Product Offering?

The CityStudio model is an institutional partnership framework for civic governments and post-secondary institutions to work together at the strategic level. It operates as a matchmaker and lab for city staff, faculty, students, and researchers to develop civic experiments, prototypes, and engagement projects.

Our product offering requires the purchase of a subscription (which includes a license) in order to launch and operate a CityStudio in a municipality, and to gain access to the CityStudio Global Network. After the point of purchase, customers receive continuing strategic and operational support from CityStudio Global Sharing to ensure each CityStudio is successful in facilitating the city-school institutional collaboration.

Current Product Offering Status

At the moment, we have the following key minimal viable product (MVP) pieces in operation: 1) licensing framework of stand alone legal documents and an online repository of materials for members; 2) a training system for local coordinators in different cities; and 3) a CityStudio Network community platform on Hivebrite for members. In terms of product development, our goal is to move our MVP from these disparate tools/materials into a streamlined process for our customers.

Who do we Need?

The selected consultant/consulting firm will design a cohesive customer experience that builds on our existing product offering, leading to a sales-ready version 2.

We are looking for a product and service design oriented person/firm who is a recognized expert in product development. This person/firm excels in identifying user needs across the customer journey, generating ideas, and building solutions.

Proposal Submission

Please provide:

  • Detailed proposal approach with timelines
  • Budget (with hourly or scope rate)
  • CV, bio and contact information
  • References of organizations and portfolio examples of similar work successfully implemented

Deadline: We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis up until Wednesday August 26th.

We are committed to achieving our mission through diversity and inclusion. We strongly encourage applications by consultants/consulting firms of all genders, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, and with a range of life experiences to apply. Please request accommodations if needed.

At least three proposals will be requested. We will schedule interviews with the top consultant/consulting firm if necessary. The decision will be made on a variety of factors including cost efficiency, understanding of the need, and proposed approach.

Contact Person

Please send questions and proposals to Alix Linaker, Canadian Network Coordinator: [email protected]




CityStudio Vancouver (CSV) is an innovation hub that supports the strategic planning aims of the city by bringing city staff, post-secondary students, faculty, and community to co-create experimental projects that make Vancouver more sustainable, liveable, joyful and inclusive. The CSV Society is home to this local Vancouver programming as well as a sales arm – called the Global Sharing program – that licenses CityStudios in cities across Canada and around the world to operate under the CityStudio brand. There are currently 13 CityStudios with 10 in Canada, two in Australia, and one in Norway. Next year is the 10th anniversary of our Vancouver Program and the fifth anniversary of our Global Sharing program.