HUBBUB is a celebration of co-creation and collaboration between City Staff, faculty and post-secondary students. Each showcase features creative and innovative solutions imagined by students for city building and making Vancouver more sustainable, equitable and joyful.

HUBBUB 21 allows you to explore student projects that address challenges related to multiple City of Vancouver strategic priorities, including climate emergency, transportation, and civic literacy, with a focus on equity and reconciliation.

If you can to attend the showcase in-person at City Hall on December 11th, you will be able to participate in the people’s choice voting, highlighting exemplary work and innovative ideas.

We hope to see you there.

City Staff
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Student Projects

After taking a look at the student projects, don’t forget to vote for your favourite project by clicking on the “Learn more…” button and then clicking on the “Write a review” button at the bottom of each project page. If you feel inspired, have questions, or can help to advance this work, we encourage you to leave your thoughts as well.

The Following Projects Won People’s Choice Awards at HUBBUB 21:

• Most Creative Project: Green Guardians

• Most Impactful Project: Rooted in Resilience

• Most Scalable Project: BlitzBox

• Most Inspiring Project: Green Guardians

• Most Responsive Project: GreenLib

Course Collaborations

Students participating in Term-Long or Course Collaborations work as individuals or teams on a hands-on, applied project over the course of a term. These collaborations usually take place with third and fourth year students. Some projects are more complex and may require a multi-disciplinary, multi-year exploration, or might benefit from in depth research. CityStudio Research Collaborations usually involve graduate students or those in directed studies.

Vansheild (Beat the Heat with Shaded Spaces)

Hello, We are Vansheild. Our objective is to analyze the impact of rising...

Rooted in Resilience: Planting for Biodiversity along the St. George Rainway

We created a comprehensive, replicable, and resilient planting scheme for the St. George...

It’s the Small Things That Count

Our project is based around Still Creek along the 3400 block of Cornett...

Classroom Wetlands: Teaching the Model Using Models

With heat and rainfall on the rise, the importance of urban wetlands is...

Let It Rain, Let Us Care

Rainwater, a vital resource for our city and ecosystem, faces disruption due to...

Boulevard in a Box

Boulevard in a Box offers a unique opportunity for community engagement. Through flyers...

Parks and Projects: A Strategic Approach to Data Management 

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation faces challenges in document retrieval and...


The BlitzBox is both an online and physical toolkit that provides organizers with...

Green Guardians

The Green Guardians campaign is an exciting initiative inviting school-aged youth, their parents...

Pollinator Friendly Boulevards

This project will establish pollinator gardens within boulevard spaces. It will include informational...

Liveable Streets

A model that seeks to improve the way Vancouver’s streets look, function, and...

Building Biodiversity

A collaborative research project with the City of Vancouver and City studio that...

GreenLib: Discover, Learn and Be Inspired by Vancouver’s Urban Ecology

GreenLib is a virtual library and community concept committed to educating and inspiring...

Herring of False Creek: Small But Mighty

Out team has created infographics on the history of false creek and it’s...

Engagement Collaborations

New to our showcase is our Engagement Collaborations – an innovative type of collaboration at CityStudio Vancouver. These projects come together with a lighter touch approach, meaning we have the opportunity to engage with more, sometimes more than a hundred students, for a project that invites students to reflect on and understand experiential learning from the first two years of their post-secondary education.

Our Expert Judges

Every HUBBUB we welcome three expert judges (one City staff + one faculty + one CityStudio alum) to explore the showcase and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place projects to be celebrated at the end of the showcase. This semester we are proud and grateful to have the following judges

Our Champions

At CityStudio Vancouver, no one exemplifies the work we aim to do more than our champions. We truly admire these folks for their commitment to change in the City and to mentoring students. In this anniversary edition, we’re celebrating three Champions who have championed CityStudio Vancouver through the years since its inception, saying YES. These individuals are not only committed to collaborative city-building and community-engaged learning but have provided us with invaluable insights and feedback, dedicating countless hours, and imagining new possibilities to expand our collective impact. These Champions have been an integral part of helping to make Vancouver more sustainable, equitable, and joyful.

HUBBUB 21 Wall of Awesome

Each semester CityStudio Vancouver brings together City of Vancouver staff with faculty from BCIT, Langara College, Northeastern University – Vancouver, SFU, and UBC . Without the collaborative efforts of the following individuals, we would not be able to get students working on projects with the potential to shake things up at City Hall! Thank you for all your openness and innovative work! Below you’ll find the City Staff and Faculty Champions from Fall 2023.

Awesome City Of Vancouver Staff

Angela Danyluk

Anna Marie Repstock

Beverly Burnett

Brad Badelt

Cassandra Humes

Catrina Duckworth

Danielle Johnston

Eliana MacDonald

Howie Jiang

Jason Bethell

Julie McManus

Kevin Freedman

Madeleine Wilson

Michelle Lee-Hunt

Paul Czene

Ruotian Tan

Shirley Wu

William Dunn

Awesome Vancouver Faculty

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Michael Hodges

Richard Vurdela


Langara College

Drew Egan

Frederica Jensen

Mike Smith-Cairns


Northeastern University – Vancouver

Mario Nascimento

Ryan Rad


Simon Fraser University

Anna Hippmann

Laura Tate


University of British Columbia

Alex Tang

Loch Brown

Michael Lipsen

Sara Harris

Stephanie Lim

Tristan Lai

Will Valley

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