HUBBUB is a celebration of co-creation and collaboration between City Staff, faculty and post-secondary students. Each showcase features creative and innovative solutions imagined by students for city building, and making Vancouver more sustainable, equitable and joyful.

This Spring marks 11 years of co-creating with the City of Vancouver.

HUBBUB 20 allows you to explore student projects addressing challenges relating to multiple City of Vancouver strategic priorities including adaptation to climate change, fostering civic engagement, engagement with equity-seeking groups, adaptation to new technologies, and more.


After scrolling through the student projects, don’t forget to vote for your favourite project for the People’s Choice award!

City Staff
City Strategies

Student Projects


After scrolling through the student projects, don’t forget to vote for your favourite project for the People’s Choice award!

Course Collaborations

Students participating in Term-Long or Course Collaborations work as individuals or teams on a hands-on, applied project over the course of a term. These collaborations usually take place with third and fourth year students. Some projects are more complex and may require a multi-disciplinary, multi-year exploration, or might benefit from in depth research. CityStudio Research Collaborations usually involve graduate students or those in directed studies.

Combatting Heat Using Public Art

Through the use of curated public art installations, this project aims to reduce...


UpMove identifies ways in which the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation can...

Water in Vancouver StoryMap

Water in Vancouver is an interactive website that allows users to learn about...

Absorb the Noise!

Absorb the Noise aims to create interactive public green space along transit corridors:...

Weaponizing the Enemy

An unconventional solution for promoting stream health, salmon return, and contributing to the...

LUNA – Extreme Heat Emergencies

Hello, we are LUNA, also known as Langara United Assessments. Our project is...

Preserving Vancouver’s Intertidal Zone

We worked to produce a body of data that begins the task of...

Herring Heroes

Our project monitors the spawning of Pacific Herring at False Creek. Our group...

SPARC: Conduit Asset Management

SPARC is an enterprise level application that manages the city of Vancouver's complex...

Air Patrol

A comic book that focuses on the adventures of a young boy and...

The Cooling Car

The Cooling Car project is a mobile heat response unit that seeks to...

Stanley Park Train Retrofit Project

EvoLoop is a team of undergraduate Sustainable Energy Engineering students who are continuing...

Autonomous Vancouver

Autonomous Vancouver is a response to the challenge given to us to re-imagine...

Minecraft, COVID Spaces, and the City of Vancouver

Our project aims to engage youth in the reimagining of outdoor COVID spaces...

Where There’s a Willow, There’s a Way

Our rehabilitation project aims to remove the dominant invasive species, Himalayan Blackberry, from...


Datadigm aims to revolutionize how we engage with the public by providing a...

How We Got Here: The Legacy of Anti-Black Racism in Vancouver’s Urban Renewal Policies

This project details City policies regarding the displacement of Vancouver’s Black and African...

Engagement Collaborations

New to our showcase is our Engagement Collaborations – an innovative type of collaboration at CityStudio Vancouver. These projects come together with a lighter touch approach, meaning we have the opportunity to engage with more, sometimes more than a hundred students, for a project that invites students to reflect on and understand experiential learning from the first two years of their post-secondary education.

Our Expert Judges

Every HUBBUB we welcome three expert judges (one City staff + one faculty + one CityStudio alum) to explore the showcase and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place projects to be celebrated at the end of the showcase. This semester we are proud and grateful to have the following judges

It's a Secret ;)

It's a Secret ;)
It's a Secret ;)

Our Champions

At CityStudio Vancouver, no one exemplifies the work we aim to do more than our champions. We truly admire these folks for their commitment to change in the City and to mentoring students. In this anniversary edition, we’re celebrating three Champions who have championed CityStudio Vancouver through the years since its inception, saying YES. These individuals are not only committed to collaborative city-building and community-engaged learning but have provided us with invaluable insights and feedback, dedicating countless hours, and imagining new possibilities to expand our collective impact. These Champions have been an integral part of helping to make Vancouver more sustainable, equitable, and joyful.

Stina Hanson

City of Vancouver

Heidi Horlacher

Environmental Geoscientist
City of Vancouver
Participating with CSV has been a source of inspiration in my work at the City. Seeing the innovative ideas from students on issues related to climate change and our environment gives me confidence that through community we can solve the tough stuff.

Michael Lipsen

University of British Columbia
CSV has been an inspiration and an incredible resource for our UBC ENVR Community Project in Environmental Science students. The interaction with CSV always inspires the students to make a change and understand the importance of the Vancouver community.

HUBBUB 20 Wall of Awesome

Each semester CityStudio Vancouver brings together City of Vancouver staff with faculty from BCIT, Langara College, Northeastern University – Vancouver, SFU, and UBC . Without the collaborative efforts of the following individuals, we would not be able to get students working on projects with the potential to shake things up at City Hall! Thank you for all your openness and innovative work! Below you’ll find the City Staff and Faculty Champions from Spring 2023.

Awesome City Of Vancouver Staff

Luke Balson

Scott Bell

Jason Bethell

Ari Bhullar

Chelsea Borsoi

Beverly Burnett

Wilma Clarke

Paul Czene

Evan Dacey

Angela Danyluk

Leila Darwish

Cory Dobson

Brady Faught

Stina Hanson

Chris Higgins

Heidi Horlacher

Danielle Johnston

Graeme Jones

Mumbi Maina

Peter Marriott

Nadine Maurus

Andrew Misiak

Krista Moyls

Jennifer Reddy

Rosemary Yip

Zak Zenasni

Awesome Vancouver Faculty

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Ife Agboola
Michal Aibin
Tim Guicherd

Langara College

Colin Mills

Northeastern University – Vancouver
Michal Aibin

Simon Fraser University
Zafar Adeel
Edana Beauvais
Kora DeBeck
Aude-Claire Fourot
Anna Hippmann
Anne-Marie Nicols
Leanne Roderick
Laura Tate
Steven Weldon

University of British Columbia
Loch Brown
James Connolly
Catherine Douglas
Tara Ivanochko
Michael Lipsen
Su-Jan Yeo

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