HUBBUB is a celebration of co-creation and collaboration between City Staff, faculty and post-secondary students. Each showcase features creative and innovative solutions imagined by students for city building, and making Vancouver more sustainable, equitable and joyful.  This Spring, we have even more cause for celebrating as HUBBUB 18 marks 10 years of co-creating with the City of Vancouver. This semester, student projects address challenges relating to the multiple City of Vancouver strategic priorities including COVID-19 impacts on equity-seeking groups, placemaking with inclusion, carbon sequestration at the neighbourhood level, electrification of the Stanley Park train, and more.
City Staff
City Strategies

Student Projects

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Course Collaborations

Students participating in Term-Long or Course Collaborations work as individuals or teams on a hands-on, applied project over the course of a term. These collaborations usually take place with third and fourth year students. Some projects are more complex and may require a multi-disciplinary, multi-year exploration, or might benefit from in depth research. CityStudio Research Collaborations usually involve graduate students or those in directed studies.


Creating a board game to educate youth on planning and development, as well...

Life in False Creek: Herring Spawning 2022

We built, deployed, and monitored herring nets while sampling water conditions in False...

Green Revitalization in Vancouver’s Chinatown

This project aims to highlight the sensitive balance between urban greening and green...

Commemorative Picnic Tables

Our group has created an innovative place-making strategy that provides permanent recognition of...

Community Organization Networks and GRI Engagement

The City of Vancouver's Green Infrastructure branch is looking for innovative and exciting...

Filipinx Engagement

This project explores the barriers & tools for engaging the Filipinx community on...

Why Did the Bee Cross the Road?

A design guide that will assist in the scalable optimization of bioretention bulges...


A reimagined neighborhood corner store that facilitates much more than simply groceries. Other...


How would you vote on HUBBUB if you didn’t have sufficient access to...

Street food for Bees

Green rainwater infrastructure sites are small areas of planted municipal land that help...

B.C. Housing: Endemic

An inquiry into BC Housing and Rental markets since the onset of the...

Online Training Platform

Online Training Platform: We are a group of CIT students from British Columbia...

Navigate Broadway

The temporary bus stops created to accommodate the construction of the Broadway Subway...

Equitable Green Interventions for False Creek South

South False Creek put Vancouver on the map for its innovative green planning,...

Stanley Park Railway Revitalization

Over the past few years, the long loved Stanley Park Train has fallen...

Restoring Musqueam Watershed

An exploration of landscape design strategies through a portion of the Musqueam Watershed,...

Service Industry & COVID-19

The essence of the project is collecting and analyzing data on differences in...

Engagement Collaborations

New to our showcase is our Engagement Collaborations – an innovative type of collaboration at CityStudio Vancouver. These projects come together with a lighter touch approach, meaning we have the opportunity to engage with more, sometimes more than a hundred students, for a project that invites students to reflect on and understand experiential learning from the first two years of their post-secondary education.

Chinatown Engagement

Belonging and displacement within Chinatown.

Sea Level Rise at False Creek

Reviewing Design Proposals for Vancouver’s Coastal Adaptation Plan

Sound of Memory

Acoustic Sculpture Preserves The Present and Future

Our Expert Judges

Every HUBBUB we welcome three expert judges (one City staff + one faculty + one CityStudio alum) to explore the showcase and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place projects to be celebrated at the end of the showcase. This semester we are proud and grateful to have the following judges

Brad Badelt

City Staff
City of Vancouver

Drew Egan

Langara College

Kelly Gardner

CityStudio Alumna
Fall 2021

Our Champions

At CityStudio Vancouver, no one exemplifies the work we aim to do more than our champions. We truly admire these folks for their commitment to change in the City and to mentoring students. In this anniversary edition, we’re celebrating three Champions who have championed CityStudio Vancouver through the years since its inception, saying YES. These individuals are not only committed to collaborative city-building and community-engaged learning but have provided us with invaluable insights and feedback, dedicating countless hours, and imagining new possibilities to expand our collective impact. These Champions have been an integral part of helping to make Vancouver more sustainable, equitable, and joyful.

Julie Longo

Associate Vice President Academic
Langara College
“Ten years ago, I joined a group of academic leaders from 6 institutions who were animated by the idea of creating opportunities for post-secondary students to work directly with city staff on projects that could have a positive impact on the future of Vancouver. It has been so satisfying to watch CityStudio grow, influence others around the world, and provide truly meaningful and memorable learning experiences for countless students. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this success. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of CityStudio!”

Doug Smith

Director of Sustainability
City of Vancouver
CityStudio Vancouver is near to my heart because the students continuously remind me why our work in sustainability is so important, why innovation fed by courage is critical and most importantly that hope is at the core of all we do. Thank you CityStudio Vancouver for continuing to inspire me, my peers and countless others.

Angela Danyluk

Sustainability Specialist
City of Vancouver
Many congratulations on 10 yrs to the change makers and wonderful people who make up CityStudio. I’m so honoured to collaborate with CityStudio and students across these lands. The promise of change-making, collaboration and curiosity about how we interact with the community, environment and each other keeps me coming back to CityStudio. Working with students to break down barriers, learn about the surrounding water and lands, and foster leadership is both inspirational and necessary action if we want to create a future where we all thrive.

HUBBUB 18 Wall of Awesome

Each semester CityStudio Vancouver brings together City of Vancouver staff with faculty from UBC, SFU, BCIT and Langara College. Without the collaborative efforts of the following individuals, we would not be able to get students into City Hall to shake things up! Thank you for all your openness and innovative work! Below you’ll find the City Staff and Faculty Champions from Spring 2022.

Awesome City Of Vancouver Staff

Andrew Pask
Cameron Owen
Angela Danyluk
Don Morrison
Margarita Pacis
Micah Hilt
Carol Kong
Krista Moyls
Alicia Kindon
Sheri DeBoer

Cherie Xiao
Austin Lui
Bob Ahtesham
Sydnie Koch
Danielle Johnston
Stina Hanson
Dana MacDonald
Julie McManus
Yette Gram
Rosemary Yip

Awesome Vancouver Faculty

University of British Columbia

Maged Senbel
Kees Lokman
Tara Ivanochko
Michael Lipsen
Andrew Almas
Angela Rout
Melissa McHale
James Connolly
Zachary Bullock
Su-Jan Yeo
Moberley Luger
Erin Goheen Glanville
Anne Stewart
Emily Fedoruk
Allison Earl

Simon Fraser University

Leah Bendell
Andréanne Doyon
Zafar Adeel
Kate Smith
Nicolas Kenny
Leanne Roderick
Edana Beauvais
Pierre Mouganie

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Michal Aibin

Langara College

Colin Mills

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