This Spring 2021 we are celebrating the collaborative work of post-secondary students, faculty, and city staff that address Vancouver City strategies and plans. See the top projects from the term below!
City Staff
City Strategies

Student Projects

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Course Collaborations

Students participating in Term-Long or Course Collaborations work as individuals or teams on a hands-on, applied project over the course of a term. These collaborations usually take place with third and fourth year students. Some projects are more complex and may require a multi-disciplinary, multi-year exploration, or might benefit from in depth research. CityStudio Research Collaborations usually involve graduate students or those in directed studies.

Accounting for Nature

A primer that directs the user on how to value the tangible and...

Bridging the Gap

Research that aims to provide recommendations for overcoming barriers to widespread green infrastructure...

Colour, Kits, and Connection

Improving community emergency preparedness with community-based kit drives and spreading emergency preparedness awareness...


A proposed blueway corridor through a portion of the Norquay Village community, where...

Sense in Cents

To support events that build a sense of community, promote diversity, enhance the...

Corner Growth

Affordable meal kits for Downtown Eastside residents that are easily prepared and distributed...

Bike Buddy

An app that helps cyclists navigate, plan and discover bike routes around Vancouver....


An interactive and self-guided iOS app that delivers the first ever digital art...

Penguin Rewards

This cute, fluffy Penguin helps you get healthier and wealthier while keeping our...

Monitoring the St. George Rainway Co-Benefits

Assessing the co-benefits of the St. George Rainway green rainwater infrastructure project. Our...

Reimagining Roadways: Promising Practices for Open Streets

Reimagining how streets are used for transportation. Recommendations for how to best implement...

Queen Elizabeth Park: A Park for Our Community

Do you want to see design interventions such as a viewing platform, food...


A python app that automatically collects data from various cities’ open data portals...

Growing Green in Grandview-Woodland

A series of proposed core interventions to increase canopy cover on private and...

The Punjabi Market Community Zine

A zine showcasing stories of joy, resiliency, and everyday life in the Punjabi...

Climate Action Equity in Canada

Climate action cannot happen without social justice and equity, but what does equitable...

St George Rainway: From Grey to Green

Using social media and a school workshop to educate the public on the...

Broadway Plan Youth Engagement Strategy

Despite living in an era when opinions are fluidly shared in the digital...

Rain Down the Wrong Path

A marketing campaign that simultaneously highlights combined sewage overflow systems and rainwater runoff...

Columbia Market Gardens

A commemorative and pedagogical landscape design that integrates Alberta Street's proposed stormwater management...

Erasing Erasure

An EDI Driven program that brings to light the untold Indigenous histories of...

Vancouver Plan: Youth Outreach Design

Our youth outreach design complements the Vancouver Plan by facilitating civic literacy and...

Dialogue Diary

A resource that invites engagement among marginalized groups around key topics to build...

Engagement Collaborations

New to our showcase is our Engagement Collaborations – an innovative type of collaboration at CityStudio Vancouver. These projects come together with a lighter touch approach, meaning we have the opportunity to engage with more, sometimes more than a hundred students, for a project that invites students to reflect on and understand experiential learning from the first two years of their post-secondary education.

Our Expert Judges

Every HUBBUB we welcome three expert judges (one City staff + one faculty + one CityStudio alum) to explore the showcase and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place projects to be celebrated at the end of the showcase. This semester we are proud and grateful to have the following judges

Faisal Mirza

Civil Engineer II, Solid Waste Strategic Services
City of Vancouver

Jennifer Reid

Instructor, Co-op / Career Co-op & Career Development Centre
Langara College

Bradley Sarandi

CityStudio Vancouver Alum
Embark SFU

Our Champions

At CityStudio Vancouver, no one exemplifies the work we aim to do more than our champions. We truly admire these folks for their commitment to change in the City and to mentoring students. In this anniversary edition, we’re celebrating three Champions who have championed CityStudio Vancouver through the years since its inception, saying YES. These individuals are not only committed to collaborative city-building and community-engaged learning but have provided us with invaluable insights and feedback, dedicating countless hours, and imagining new possibilities to expand our collective impact. These Champions have been an integral part of helping to make Vancouver more sustainable, equitable, and joyful.


Jhenifer Pabillano

Project Manager, Engineering Strategy & Standards
City of Vancouver
“Partnering with CityStudio always generates new insights and perspectives on the work I do at the City. It’s been fantastic to also help students learn about the work that a city can do!”

Adrian Sinclair

Instructor Semester in Dialogue
Simon Fraser University
“It’s been such a gift to be an instructor in the CityStudio community since 2016. I love supporting students as they test, experiment and implement ideas that have a tangible social and environmental impact!”

HUBBUB 16 Wall of Awesome

Each semester CityStudio Vancouver brings together City of Vancouver staff with faculty from the local post-secondary schools. Without the collaborative efforts of the following individuals, we couldn’t get students into City Hall to shake things up. Thank you for all your openness and innovative work! These are the City staff and Faculty Champions of Spring 2021.

Awesome City Of Vancouver Staff

  • Ada Lam
  • Amritpal Kaila
  • Andrew Misiak
  • Angela Danyluk
  • Angie Weddell
  • Ava Choi
  • Barbara Campbell
  • Brad Badelt
  • Cameron Owen
  • Christopher Son
  • Connie McGinty
  • Dana McDonald
  • Dean McIntosh
  • Desiree Hamilton
  • Doug Smith
  • Erin Embley
  • Geoff Teoli
  • Gillian Wong
  • Heidi Horlacher
  • Jaclyn Jimenez
  • Julie McManus
  • Katherine Howard
  • Krista Voth
  • Laura Jane
  • Lauren Whitney
  • Leila Todd
  • Leslie Ng
  • Marga Pacis
  • Matt Gibbs
  • Rene Cravioto
  • Ryan Hirakida
  • Sarah Carten
  • Sarah Kristi Lone
  • Scott Russell
  • Stephanie Petsinis
  • Stina Hanson
  • Tadhg Healy
  • Tim Douglas
  • Tracy Wilkins
  • Wendy Mendes
  • Wendy de Hoog
  • Yuri Artibise

Awesome Vancouver Faculty

University of British Columbia

  • Allison Earl
  • Andrew Almas
  • Catherine Douglas
  • Daniel Roher
  • Erin Goheen
  • Kees Lokman
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Lucas Lau
  • Michael Lipsen
  • Moberley Luger
  • Neil Armitage
  • Rebecca Beutel
  • Stephanie Braconnier
  • Tara Ivanochko
  • Vinicius Pecanha

Simon Fraser University

  • Andreanne Doyon
  • Anne-Marie Nicol
  • Helmine Serban
  • Kendra Strauss
  • Kora DeBeck
  • Nancy Olewiler
  • Nicolas Kenny
  • Tamara Connell
  • Tara Holland
  • Timothy Ames
  • Vahid Zahednejad

British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Alaric de Souza
  • Cindy Ball
  • Danielle Wilson
  • Erin Whittle
  • Jason Young
  • Jeremy Holman
  • Leah Bendell
  • Michal Aibin
  • Neda Changizi
  • Stefanie Gajdecki

Langara College

  • Colin Mills
  • Kathryn Narine
  • Kelly Sveinson
  • Steven Johnson (CIRES
  • Wes Regan

Vancouver City Strategies & Plans

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