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What is HUBBUB?

Hubbub is a celebration of co-creation and urban innovation that shakes things up at City Hall! Each semester in December and April, students share innovative ideas, energy and creativity for city-building with City staff and elected officials at this unique interactive showcase.

The vision is for City staff and municipal decision makers to be inspired by students’ recommendations and leave with a new insight or solution to a current challenge in their work; for students to effectively communicate their proposed idea, to network and to strengthen their sense of civic agency; and for post secondaries to celebrate and feature the talent and expertise at their institutions.

The showcase contains a carefully curated selection of student projects representing each of the 20-25 course collaborations from that semester.

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Project  judging criteria

Judging and awards

To honor students’ hard work and ingenuity, we invite a panel of HUBBUB judges: one city staff, one faculty member and one CityStudio alum, to intellectually and critically engage with the project content and select the top 3 projects of the event based on the criteria listed below.

The selected projects receive a recognition award for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place projects at the end of the event.

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