This Fall, we celebrate the collaborative work between City Staff, faculty and post-secondary students that address city strategies in the areas of democratic participation, accessibility, youth climate action, seniors, habitat management, and more.










Vancouver City Strategies & Plans

Accessibility Strategy

Air and Heat Quality
Mitigation Memorandum

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Rain City Strategy

Transportation 2040

Vancouver Plan


Vancouver Police Department
Strategic Plan

Student Projects

After scrolling through the many projects, vote for your favourite by clicking the BLUE button below! You will be taken to our online submission form to select the name of the project you nominate for the People’s Choice award.

529 Garage: A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Bolstering Brand Awareness And Registration In Vancouver

School Active Travel Program (Remastered)

Alternative Way To Encourage Students To Actively Travel To School

Green Rainwater Infrastructure in the Sunset Community

A Survey On Biophilia And Well-being

GI Grow

Implementing Recycled Materials Into Green Infrastructure: A Closed-Loop System

Beat the Heat

A Multifaceted Approach To Protect Seniors From Extreme Heat Events In Vancouver

The Laneway Menu

A Step-by-Step Toolkit That Empowers Communities To Activate Vancouver’s Laneways

I Wish I Took The Bus

An Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign for the Reallocation of Street Space

Clean Cooking with Electricity

Recommendations To Encourage Vancouverites To Switch To Induction Stoves

As Green As The Trees

Design Framework For The Installation Of Electric Infrastructure

Urine Trouble

A Methodology For Accessible And Inclusive Public Washrooms Wheel Change Makers

Pop-IN Assessment

Site Assessment Tool For Vancouver’s Pop Up Plazas

Better Benches

Creating An Engaging And Culturally Enriching Experience On Transi

The Accessibility Toolkit

A Resource For Integrating Accessibility And Inclusion Into The Internal Culture And Functions Of The City Of Vancouver

Pedestrian Road Safety

Communicating Safety And Responsibility To Vancouver’s Youth

Wheel Change Makers

Creating A Youth-led Community That Encourages Biking Habits, Promotes A Biking Culture And Ensures Safe Biking Routes

Our Expert Judges

Every HUBBUB we welcome three expert judges (one City staff + one faculty + one CityStudio alum) to explore the showcase and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place projects to be celebrated at the end of the showcase. The first place team will receive a banner on their CityStudio Project Page. This semester we are proud and grateful to have the following judges:

Natasha Qereshniku

City Staff

City of Vancouver


Andréanne Doyon


Simon Fraser University

Emily Suchy

CityStudio Alumna

Spring 2021

Our Champions

At CityStudio Vancouver, no one exemplifies the work we aim to do more than our champions. We truly admire these folks for their commitment to change in the City and to mentoring students. Each semester, we celebrate one City staff and one faculty member who have participated in 5 or more course collaborations. This term, we had such amazing support that we had to celebrate TWO City Staff!

These individuals are not only committed to collaborative city-building and community-engaged learning, but they also provide us with invaluable insights and feedback, allowing us to improve our process and expand our collective impact. By providing opportunities for students to gain career skills and contributing to a meaningful project, these Champions have been an integral part in helping to make Vancouver more sustainable, equitable, and joyful.

Will Dunn

City of Vancouver
6 time collaborator
“Thank you CityStudio for all that you do! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the collaborations with university faculty and students over the years, and our work has greatly benefitted from them.”

Meghan Winters

Simon Fraser University

8 time collaborator 

I’ve been so grateful for the time City partners’ have contributed – having their expertise in the classroom has inspired students to put in their top effort toward creating solutions. CityStudio has opened their eyes around the linkages between health, urban planning, and transportation, and provided an opportunity for them to see how their public health lens brings insights to city-building challenges.”

Yuri Artibise

City of Vancouver
6 time collaborator 
Working with CityStudio has provided me, and the VCPC, with a fresh innovative thinking on complex issues that we wouldn’t otherwise have the time to explore.”


HUBBUB 17 Wall of Awesome

Each semester CityStudio Vancouver brings together City of Vancouver staff with faculty from the local post-secondary schools. Without the collaborative efforts of the following individuals we couldn’t get students into City Hall to shake things up. Thank you for all your openness and innovative work! Below you’ll find the City Staff and Faculty Champions from Fall 2021.

Awesome City of Vancouver Staff – Fall 2021

Alyshia Burak
Amanda Mitchell
Andrew Pask
Angela Danyluk
Brad Badelt
Brady Faught
Cameron Owen
Carla Grimann
Dana McDonald

Don Morrison
Doug Smith
Jaclyn Jimenez
Jessica Nelson
Karen Lai
Kathy Berggren-Clive
Leslie Ng
Lindsay Nicholson
Matt Gibbs
Rob Brunt

Ryan Hirakida
Ryan Hooper
Stina Hanson
Tabinda Shah
Tamarra Wong
Tara Gallen
Tim Douglas
Will Dunn
Yuri Artibise

Awesome Vancouver Faculty – Fall 2021

University of British Columbia

Alec Blair
Andrew Almas
Carolyn Veldstra
Jennifer Moss
Kyle Nelson
Maged Senbel
Michael Lipsen
Stephanie Lim
Tara Ivanochko
Victor Tang
Wayne Rawcliffe
Will Valley

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Darlene Webb
Jason Young
Richard Vurdela

Langara College

Drew Egan
Frederica Jensen
Mike Smith-Cairns

Simon Fraser University

Andrew Hawryshkewich
Anne-Marie Nicol
Claire Shapton
Eline de Rooij
Leah Bendell
Leanne Roderick
Meghan Winters
Ren Lo
Tara Holland
Theodore Cosco

Our Partners