ECUAD Course Archive

FALL 2019

ANIM 326 – Collaborative Animation
Animations to support the VPD Schools Safety Patrol initiatives
Instructor: Woonam Kim
City lead: Ryan Hooper
City goal: Being and Feeling Safe and Included (HC)

Spring 2019

ILUS 401 – Professional Applications
Designing illustrations for a public waste etiquette campaign.
Instructors: Justin Novak, Amory Abbott, Daniel Drennan
City leads: Patrick Chauo, Kai-Lani Rutland
City goal area: Zero Waste (GCAP)

Fall 2018

ANIM 326 – Collaborative Animation
Cartoon to promote the Garage 529 initiative from Vancouver Police Department (VPD).
Instructor: Woonam Kim
City lead: Rob Brunt, Lindsay Nicholson
City goal area: Being and Feeling Safe and Included (Healthy City)

Spring 2017

FVIM 300 F001 – Film, Video and Integrative Media Internship
Public place and spaces promo video
Instructor: Christine Stewart
City Leads: Thomas Daley
City Goal: Environments to Thrive In (Healthy City), Downtown Places and Spaces

Spring 2016

HUM 307 – Environmental Ethics
Creative writing rewilding assignment: imagine the impact of rewilding a place in the city
Instructor: Rita Wong
City Leads: Jason Hsieh
City Goal: Rewilding, Biodiversity (GCAP)

Fall 2015

SOCS 309 – Design Research & Methods
Instructor: Casey Hrynkow
City Leads: Sabina FooFat
City Goal: Climate Leadership (GCAP)

Fall 2014

ISMA 200 – Interactive Social Media Arts
Instructor: Julie Andreyev
City Leads: Lindsay Cole, Nick Page

Summer 2014

Business & Industrial Design
Instructor: Lisa Papania, Maia Rowan, Andreas Eiken
City Leads: Leslie Ng

Spring 2014

Environmental Ethics
Writing assignment where students reflect on obstacles to change – how do we encourage changes to happen?
Instructor: Rita Wong

Publication Design
Water engineering program branding and communications
Instructor: Christ Hethrington
City Lead: Carolyn Drugge

Fall 2013

ISMA 200 – Interactive Social Media Arts
How can we support the planting of one fruit tree on every single-family lot? How can we create an open ‘crowdsourced’ urban forest?
Instructor: Julie Andreyev
City Lead: Katherine Isaac

Spring 2013

SOCS 308 – Sociology for Design
Tiny House Building project (Bowen Island) – looking for used materials for building.
Instructor: Charles Dobson
City Lead: Rachel Moscovich

Communications Design
Various communication design projects – infographics, education material, logo and brand development, web interface
Instructor: Chris Hethrington
City Leads: Rachel Moscovich, Dave Ramslie

Fall 2012

ENG 201 – Writing Across the Arts
Short written essays on the theme of Access to Nature
Instructor: Rita Wong
City Leads: Jil Weaving

Film, Video & Integrated Media
Instructor: Peg Campbell

Spring 2012

Design Core (Foundation, Faculty of Culture and Community)
Students are working with the Vancouver Parks Board on concept design for parks and access to nature (6 credit, 1st year core required course).
Instructor: Duane Elverum

Collaborative Animation (Animation, Faculty of Design and Dynamic Media)
3 animation projects: CityStudio, City Parks Board, City of Vancouver (Communications)
Instructor: Martin Rose
City Leads: Lindsay Cole, Amanda Mitchell
Community Lead: Duane Elverum

Fall 2011

ENG 201 – Writing Across the Arts: Ecological Response Abilities
Op ed pieces on the Greenest City goals, with the potential of rolling these pieces into a research project later in the term.
Instructor: Rita Wong

Design Core Studio IV
Branding, identity and communications design to creatively and effectively communicate and share the work of CityStudio.
Instructor: Chris Hethrington

SOCS 308 – Sociology for Design
Communications design students working with other Partner Courses on visualization and presentation of projects.
Instructor: Charles Dobson