CityStudio Vancouver is a collaboration uniting the city’s public post-secondary institutions in the vision for a more equitable, liveable and joyful city. We also provide students with a unique, hands-on opportunity to develop real projects, gain employable skills and widen professional networks.

CityStudio’s founding academic partner, Simon Fraser University (SFU), is joined by the University of British Columbia (UBC), Langara College, and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

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Collaborating with CityStudio

CityStudio’s mission is to assist any faculty member from our partner schools — SFU, BCIT, Langara College and UBC — to integrate an experiential learning, city-building project into your course. We bring engaging project ideas from City of Vancouver staff that require students to apply the research, analysis, mapping, prototyping, engagement or design skills they are learning in their course, to a current and local challenge in Vancouver. Our commitment is to make your job easier and more impactful by coordinating and facilitating collaboration. Our collaboration model is customizable to support collaborations that align well with course needs and learning objectives. We work in the spirit of co-creation and all our collaborations are for the public good and shared for amplification. You can view the work we do here.

Do you teach an experiential or project-based course and want to connect your students with real-world challenges? Please fill out our Collaboration Form linked below if you’re interested in working together.

We offer 3 different types of collaborations


· 1st and 2nd year courses
· Light touch assignment (1-3 weeks)
· Students provide response / reflection on one City question


· 1 scoping meeting
· 1 guest presentation from City staff


Stories of belonging


· 3rd and 4th year courses
· Semester long project
· Students provide research and recommendations on one City challenge


· 1 scoping meeting
· 3 class visits from City staff
· HUBBUB showcase



· Master or PhD student (2+ semesters)
· Students provide in depth research, methodology, data collection, analysis, and recommendations.


· 1 scoping meeting
· 3+ project check-in meetings with City staff
· HUBBUB showcase

Bridging the Gap

How to get involved